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Technology of ceramic injection molding and micro injection molding

Core tip: ceramic injection molding (CeramicInjectionMolding, CIM) is a new technology for preparation of ceramic parts forming method of polymer injection and ceramic preparation process which is the combination of the
Ceramic injection molding (CeramicInjectionMolding, CIM) is a new process of preparing ceramic parts forming method of polymer injection and ceramic preparation process which is the combination of the. Manufacturing process of ceramic injection molding mainly includes four aspects: (1) Injection Molding Feedstock preparation: organic carrier and ceramic powder suitable under certain temperature mixing, drying, granulation, get injection feeding; (2) injection molding: mixed injection mixing mixing material in injection molding machine the heated into the melt viscosity, at a certain temperature and pressure under the high-speed injection metal mold, cooling and solidifying to blank, the desired shape and then release; (3): skim through heating or other physical and chemical methods, the organic matter of injection molding of ceramic body excluded; (4): the degreasing sintering after the ceramic biscuit under high temperature sintering densification, dense ceramic components to obtain the required appearance shape, dimensional accuracy and microstructure.
Ceramic injection molding process has a series of outstanding advantages: (1) forming process of high degree of mechanization and automation, high production efficiency, short molding cycle, the blank of high strength, management and control of the production process is also very convenient, and is easy to realize mass, the scale of production; (2) can be small ceramic parts near net molding a variety of complex geometry and the special requirements, the sintered ceramic product without the machine or less processing, thereby reducing the cost of expensive ceramic processing; (3) forming a ceramic products with high dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Therefore, this technology has been widely studied and applied in domestic and abroad, especially the mass production of ceramic products of high size precision, complex shape, made of ceramic powder injection molding has the advantage.
In the 80's of the last century, in order to adapt to the development of ceramic engine and turbine rotor and high temperature ceramic component preparation requirements, focus on ceramic injection molding is a silicon nitride, silicon carbide and other non oxide high-temperature ceramic parts, especially the Si3N4 engine, the injection molding process for the preparation of the SiC turbine rotor, blade and sliding bearing, at the same time the successful preparation of a lot of high performance, high temperature structural ceramics products with complicated shapes, wherein the ceramic turbine rotor in Japan and USA has been used for racing and armored military vehicles etc.. At present, ceramic injection molding has been widely used for molding a variety of ceramic powder and all kinds of engineering ceramic products. All kinds of precision ceramic parts through the preparation process, has been used in the aviation, automobile, machinery, energy, communications, medical and other fields of life light.
Micro injection molding in recent years the development of new ceramic (MicroInjectionMolding) technology. Because of structural ceramics have excellent mechanical, chemical and high temperature resistance properties, in the microelectronics industry and in MEMS Micro Components (many tens of microns to 1000 microns) requires the use of structural ceramic materials. Compared with other micro machining technology, micro injection molding will use a ceramic or metal powder forming are various shapes of the blanks, low manufacturing cost, high efficiency, so it has become the most promising an advanced micro manufacturing technology. At present, some alumina, zirconia, silicon nitride, lead zirconate titanate, barium titanate, hydroxyapatite and aluminum nitride ceramic micro components are composed of a low voltage micro injection molding method, the forming temperature of 60 to 100 DEG C, the injection pressure is 3 ~ 5MPa.
Can predict, with the constant improvement and development of ceramic injection molding technology, it will become the most advantage of preparation technology of precision ceramic parts of.
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