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Aging Treatment and Mechanical Properties of 17-4PH in Metal Injection Molding

Tensile specimens of 17-4PH stainless steel were prepared by metal injection moulding (MIM). The effect was tested by vacuum sintering and aging treatment. The results showed that the microstructure, tensile strength, hardness and elongation of the alloy at 17-4PH were ferrite and martensite coexisting in the sintered state. The tensile strength was 926 MPa and the yield strength was 760 MPa. The hardness was 27 HRC. After solution treatment, ferrite, martensite and austenite coexist, although strength and hardness decrease, but elongation increases. After solution treatment and low temperature aging treatment, the alloy structure is mainly tempered martensite, and with the precipitation of copper-rich phase, its strength and hardness increase. After solution treatment and high temperature aging, 17-4 PH test with good plasticity can be obtained by holding at 150C. The metallographic structure of 17-4PH Precipitation-Strengthened stainless steel is widely used in medical instruments, chemical industry, automobiles and weapons because of its excellent mechanical properties. Metal injection moulding technology combines the advantages of complex and fast plastic injection moulding and high strength of powder metallurgical parts. It can rapidly produce large quantities of complex and precise parts, and can solve the difficulty of 17-4PH processing well. Big problem. 17-4HP is one of the most widely used stainless steel grades in injection moulding technology. In addition, the mechanical properties of 17-4PH parts vary widely. Sintering process and aging are very important to the final performance of the parts. The final structure determines the mechanical properties of the parts. At present, the research on heat treatment properties of 17-4PH parts in metal injection moulding is focused on precipitation reinforcement. Surface is also the metallographic structure and mechanical properties of stainless steel.