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Material list Count down those alloys that MIM can use


The Metal Injection Molding industry can manufacture an extremely wide variety of metal alloy compositions for use in your application. The alloy families shown below make up a broad representation of the spectrum of alloys which can be/have been produced for various applications.


Ò»¡¢MIM's optional alloy family

1.The most common alloy families are

Iron, low-alloy steels, stainless steels.

2.Other alloys £º

Aluminum alloys, bio-compatible alloys, carbides, ceramics, cobalt-based alloys, controlled-expansion alloys, copper and copper alloys, hardmetals, heavy-metal alloys, magnetic alloys (soft and hard), nickel-based alloys, precious metals, reactive metals, shape-memory alloys, specialty alloys, titanium and titanium alloys, tool steels.

¶þ¡¢Materials List

1.Alloy Family 

Austenitic Stainless Steels (and Master Alloys)  

 303  304, 304L, 304+Ti  309  310, 310 C2, 310S
 317  321  329, 329J1  347
 Fe22Cr20Ni6Mo  HK30  Nickel-free stainless  Nitronic 60
 316B, 316F, 316L, 316J1L, 316Ti  904 


2.Duplex Stainless Steels   



 316L duplex

3.Ferritic/Martensitic Stainless Steels (and Master Alloys)  

 410 Series  420 Series 430 Series  440 Series  Fe30Cr



4.Precipitation-Hardening Stainless Steels   





5.Low-Alloy Steels (and Master Alloys)  
 1010  1018  1045  1050  4130A
 4140  42CrMo4  4340  4365  4650
 5130  5140  8620  52100  Fe2%Ni
 Fe8%Ni  Fe8Cr1.9Ni2Mo 


6.Magnetic Alloys  

 Fe49Co2V  Fe50Ni  Fe3Si  Fe50Co  Fe6.5Si
 Fe5.5Si  Alnico  Alnico 8  Sendust 


7.Nickel-Base Alloys 

 Hastelloy® C  Hastelloy® C22  Hastelloy® C276  Hastelloy® X
 Inconel® 625  Inconel® 700 series  Nimonic® 80A  Nimonic® 90



 HC Cu (99.9%)  OFHC Cu  Cu10Al  Cu-Sn (1-50%)  Monel® 400
 Cu-Ni (1-99%) 



9.Functional Alloys 

 Invar®  Kovar®  Kovar® F15  Fe36Ni  Fe50Ni
 Fe29Ni17Co  Fe-Cr (1-50%)  Fe-Ni (1-99%)  Fe-W (1-40%)  Fe36Ni-13Co
 Fe35Co  Ni20Cr  Ni50Cr Super Invar®   PB47




 Aluminum  Al2O3  Gold  Silver  Titanium
 WC  ZrO2 


11.Cobalt-Base Alloys  

 Stellite® 6

12.Tool Steels & High-Speed Steels  

 A6  D2  T42  H10  H11
 H12  H13  M2  M4  S2
 S7  T15