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Investigation on the recovery of external demand for small kitchen appliances the export of coffee machines and ovens


Affected by the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rapid growth of overseas "residential" economies has brought more opportunities for the export of China's home appliances, especially the export of small kitchen appliances.

The ¡°Daily Business News¡± reporter found during the investigation and interview that in the household appliance industry, some enterprises that produce kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, microwave ovens, ovens, toasters, etc., felt that the external demand has recovered particularly, with a sharp increase in the second half of the year. increase.

"Since the second half of the year, the export of small kitchen appliances has basically been in a state of'explosive orders', especially for coffee machines. The demand in the European and American markets is very large, with a year-on-year growth of at least 20%." Guangdong Xinbao Electric Co., Ltd. is responsible for overseas Business Ms. Mai told the reporter of "Daily Economic News".

"The company is basically operating at full capacity"

Ms. Mai told reporters that at the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company's export business was difficult, especially due to poor logistics and customer refunds. "At that time, we had the goods, but there were no containers for shipment. Some customers needed to consolidate the shipment. The driver had to go to different places to pull the goods. The waiting time was too long, and there were cases where temporary charges or even tips were added."

"Since April, overseas merchants have reported to us that there is insufficient inventory, and we are required to step up and place orders. That is, since April, the company's export orders have shown a positive year-on-year increase. Since June, coffee machines, The production lines of small kitchen appliances such as ovens are basically operating at full capacity." Ms. Mai told reporters that in the first three quarters, the company's revenue increased by about 33% over the same period last year, of which overseas sales revenue increased by 25% over the same period last year.

Manager Lu of Guangdong Galanz Group Co., Ltd. has similar feelings to Ms. Mai.

In an interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter, Manager Lu said that the company's export orders in May have increased by more than 40% year-on-year. Since the second half of the year, the increase in some months has even reached 60%, and the trend of recovery is very obvious.

Manager Lu said that after the outbreak, the company started construction in mid-February, and it was also one of the earliest companies in Zhongshan City. In mid-March, overseas customers successively placed orders, but the volume was not large. Even so, the company still began to recruit from the society, including arranging chartered flights to bring back employees from other provinces. It took nearly a month to overcome the difficulties in the resumption of work structure.

"Another problem is that the external factory in the supply chain has not started. 80% of Galanz's materials are supplied by itself. This is also an important reason for the rapid increase in the company's production capacity after the domestic epidemic has improved." Manager Lu introduced, the first and second quarters At that time, the external factory had insufficient manpower, difficult capital operation, and the materials could not be delivered. The company settled monthly, and all settled in cash, which largely ensured the stable supply of the industrial chain.

Microwave ovens set a record export value

A reporter from the "Daily Economic News" combed through customs data and found that, taking microwave ovens as an example, monthly exports have basically shown a trend of monthly recovery since March this year. From March to August, the monthly export value has all ranked among the historical data. In the top ten of the month, April, July and August all set historical records of export value.

"The significant recovery of overseas orders was after April, especially for microwave ovens. Although the epidemic situation in the United States was severe, the consumption of home appliances was still very good. From April to June, export orders for microwave ovens achieved a relatively large increase, and the entire North American market Increased by more than 40%, and the United States accounted for more than 50%." Manager Lu said.

According to statistics from, home living during the epidemic has significantly increased the frequency of home appliances, and overseas demand for a variety of products has increased significantly. For example, in the first half of the year, my country's exports of electric woks, bread machines, and juicers increased by 62.9% and 34.7% respectively , 12.1%, becoming a growth highlight.