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In the bombing? Samsung Note7 country line is not safe?

The annual flagship Samsung Note7 but thoroughly "fire", South Korea and the United States have happened to let fans jittery, even some people have said not to charge a mobile phone. It is found in Samsung's own SDI cells caused by the problem, country line version of the user who is relieved, but a few days ago, but Samsung said in a statement on the state line version of Note7 is not completely safe, but today there are users in the micro-blog claimed that his country for the Note7 "self immolation".
Samsung Note7
Micro-blog users @ Chihuahua "exposed his own Samsung Note7 explosion picture, he allowed the description:" sitting in bed playing mobile phone suddenly for no reason at the black screen, mobile phone in the wrong immediately threw the sloshing feeling really really burst." From the picture point of view, this coral blue Note7 has burned black, but fortunately did not cause casualties.
Circle of friends screenshot
At the same time, the "@ Chihuahua" given to buy mobile phone photographs and friends as evidence, also said in the query sequence number found this mobile phone in September 3rd, did not belong to the country for the recall of thousands of groups experience machine.
Serial number label
Then there are friends questioned this Samsung Note7 is not the state line version, so the "@ Chihuahua" issued to buy the mobile phone "family portrait", serial number label, and photo electronic invoice. From the friends, @ Ji doll, the description of the explosion came very suddenly, but when the phone is not charging,
Jingdong electronic invoice
Although it is safe that the state line version of Note7 Samsung before, but later said it would recall in September 1st before the sale, the Samsung official website in Chinese sales of 1858 sets of Note7 mobile phone, and that part of the batch machine belongs to the Samsung test plan. Currently in the global recall of Note7 does not contain the national version, I do not know what the impact of this event will give Samsung's recall plan, the current Samsung official on the matter has not been any response.