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The nineteen goals of "beautiful China" cited foreign media attention highlighting green development determination

On October 18th, the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China was solemnly opened at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. This is the conference hall. Xinhua News Agency reporter Lan Hongguang
International Online Zhuangao: General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out in the nineteen major reports, accelerate the reform of ecological civilization system, build a beautiful china. Foreign media said, this shows that China has increasingly attached importance to the treatment of environmental pollution. The report repeatedly referred to the "environment", highlighting China's determination to shift the focus of economic development from heavy industry to low polluting industries.
British Guardian reported that Xi Jinping spent a lot of time investigating environmental governance issues, promoting ecological civilization construction is one of his efforts to build China's great and powerful efforts. Xi Jinping pledged to speed up the reform of ecological civilization, build a beautiful Chinese, "beautiful Chinese" is not only a beautiful ecological environment, high-tech green industry, and actively respond to the voice of the people, responsible government.
Canada's National Post published an article entitled "Xi Jinping's blueprint for China's rise in 2050 as a world power". The article not only pays attention to the "socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era", but also refers to the statement of "beautiful China" in the report. The article says that by 2050, the goal of building a "beautiful China" will be basically realized.
Bloomberg even counts Xi Jinping's "environment" and the number of Related words in the nineteen reports, saying as many as 89 times. Bloomberg said that this shows China's determination to shift the focus of economic development from heavy industry to low polluting industries.
Australia, "Sydney Herald" published an article that the economic structure adjustment will make Chinese pay more attention to the quality of growth of the mode of economic development, further accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, big data and innovative development, gradually entered the green and low carbon economy.
QUARTZ website of the United States said that in October 18th, the nineteen National Congress of the Communist Party of China held the opening ceremony, Xi Jinping said that China's ecological civilization construction has achieved remarkable results. China has made great efforts to reduce energy consumption and save resources. These efforts have been rewarded domestically and set an example globally. The report quoted Xi Jinping as saying, "China" to guide international cooperation in climate change, to become an important participant, contributor and leader in the construction of global ecological civilization."
China pays more and more attention to environmental pollution, and is committed to solving the problem of overcapacity in coal and other industries, no longer relying too much on fossil fuels. These efforts also make it more respected on the world stage. The report also noted that in January this year, Xi Jinping in Davos Switzerland at the world economic forum called on countries to continue to support the "Paris agreement".