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12 Johnson medical billion to build new factory in Suzhou imports of high-end medical equipment market China overweight


Johnson recently announced a $180 million investment in the Suzhou Industrial Park (about 1 billion 189 million yuan) the construction of Ethicon new factory, and for the first time the tip of minimally invasive surgery and open surgery equipment production technology into China. Kang Kang new factory covers an area of 14776 square meters, is expected to officially put into use in 2019. Johnson said that after the completion of the plant construction, specializing in the production of Johnson patent medical devices, including endoscopic stapler, surgical equipment, such as linear stapler, Ethicon Plus antibacterial Vicryl absorbable surgical suture.

"The Chinese market is growing at more than 10% a year, and we want to keep pace with the growth of the Chinese market."." Vice president of supply chain, Francesco and Apont.