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CIM ceramic powder injection molding technology


Ceramic injection molding technology

Ceramic injection molding (Ceramic Injection Molding, referred to as CIM) is in powder injection molding (PowderInjection Molding, referred to as PIM) is a branch of technology, which has many special technology and process advantages: it can quickly and automatically for mass production, and the technological process of precise control; because the flow filling the green density, uniform; due to high pressure injection, which greatly improve the content of powder mixed material, reduce the shrinkage of the sintered products, precise and controllableproduct dimensions, tolerances up to ¡À 0.1% ~ 0.2%, superior performance; not to be machined or only a small amount of processing, reduce the preparation cost; can be shaped, shaped ceramic with the cross hole, inclined hole, concave and convex surfaces, thread, thin, difficult to machining, and has wide application prospect.

Ceramic injection molding technology

Injection molding of ceramic components is a forming principle of using injection molding principle of plasticmaterials under pressure. Need to thermoplastic materials are mixed together in the molding process.

Ceramic injection molding process mainly consists of three parts:

The first: thermoplastic materials and ceramic powder is mixed into the hot melt, then injected into the mold in therelatively cold.

Second: the heat of mixing of melt in the mold curing condensation.

Third: body molding and demoulding after was the top of the.

The survey of ceramic powder injection molding technology

Powder injection molding in twentieth Century 20's a hot molding technology, had been used in the production ofautomotive spark plugs and other products.

In twentieth Century 50, with epoxy resin as the binder of cemented carbide, produced substantial amounts of refractory metals, ceramics, indicates that the application of this technique in the position. But because the theories lack, and milling, pressing and sintering technology has a series of problems, is still relatively far away from the distance.

In twentieth Century 80 time, development and breakthrough in the field of research based cemented carbide,ceramics, such as the development of ultrafine powder preparation, advanced ceramic toughening theory and technology, material properties of the prepared a 50 time is greatly improved, process for the fabrication ofcomplex shape products make PIM become more mature.

Ceramic powder injection molding products in the global sales revenue from the late 80's $45000000 to$420000000 at the end of the 90's, and growing by 20%~25% a year, is expected to reach $2400000000 by 2010.

Only American, European and Japanese PIM industry is relatively mature, while in South Korea, Singapore,Taiwan, India, Chinese Chinese etc were built with PIM production plant, but output is still small, is poised to take off.

Application of ceramic powder injection molding technology

With the rapid development of CIM technology, it has been applied in some aspects

The 1/3 Swiss watch case produced by CIM technique, the material is ceramic materials zirconia never wear

Japan has the inner hole diameter of zirconia fiber connector 0.015mm to realize industrialization, each yearhundreds of millions of dollars in market monopoly

Silicon nitride parts USA realized zirconia hair clipper production and engine application

In the country of Central South University of Technology State Key Laboratory of powder metallurgy developedprecision double helix mixing ceramic machine ceramic lined nozzle and dual thread; and the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Institute of materials using CIM technology successfully developed a zirconia oxygen sensor