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Techniques to select the metal powder injection molding mold.


Metal powder injection molding technology in the continuous progress of further research and development of newbinder, flour milling technology and degreasing process, to the early 90's have realized industrialization. After 20 years of efforts, the current metal injection molding technology has become the international powder metallurgyfield, the rapid development of the most promising a new near net forming technology, known as the " the metal parts of international hot forming technology of " powder injection molding mold choice is very important for production.

Powder injection molding injection mold and plastic injection mold are exactly the same, formwork material can refer to plastic injection mold to choose: in general, dynamic template, the fixed mould virtual, push plate can adopt 45steel, quenching and tempering hardness of 180~250HBS. The other 45 steel or Q235 steel sheet. For the specialrequirements of high precision mold, all sheet can adopt 45 steel quenching and tempering, even with the microdeformation of steel Cr12, the quenching treatment. Guide pillar, a guide sleeve can be used T8A hardened to50~55HRC or 20 Steel Carburized 0.5~0.8mm thick, hardened to 56~60HRC.

Injection mold work, alternating load generally bear 20~50MPa, accompanied by hot and cold temperaturealternation. In ultra precision injection molding forming pressure used several times, even more than the normalworking pressure. Injection mould service life for tens or even hundreds of thousands of times, so die should have sufficient strength and rigidity. (metal injection molding) metal injection mold cavity generally use a hard chargingfor the production of hard die quenching of 58~62HRC, it is important to note the caused by angle, groove, notchstress concentration and processing defect.