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"5G+Industrial Internet" Empowers the Intelligent Upgrade of Manufacturing Industry, Chinese Manufacturing Meets Historical Opportunities


Chinanews, Wuhan, November 22 (Reporter Liu Yuying) The first national "5G+Industrial Internet" conference closed in Wuhan on the 21st. The conference showcased the latest progress, development prospects and policy trends of the "5G + Industrial Internet" in China.

   Experts at the meeting believed that for Chinese manufacturing, "5G + Industrial Internet" and smart manufacturing empowered new infrastructure and manufacturing are historic opportunities for Chinese manufacturing to achieve leapfrog development.

   "5G + Industrial Internet" development enters the fast lane

   The 2020 China "5G+Industrial Internet" conference showed the latest progress, achievements and experience in the field of "5G+Industrial Internet" to the outside world.

According to Han Xia, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, since the commercialization of 5G in my country for more than a year, more than 1,100 "5G+Industrial Internet" projects have been built, with an investment of more than 3.4 billion yuan, and more than 32,000 base stations used in the industrial industrial Internet. Good progress has been made.

  In terms of infrastructure, more than 700,000 5G base stations have been built, and the number of terminal connections has exceeded 180 million, covering all prefecture-level and above cities across the country.

   The construction of my country's industrial Internet identification analysis system is progressing smoothly. The five top-level nodes in the southeast, northwest, and central areas have been completed and put into operation. 76 secondary nodes have been deployed and online, covering 22 provinces and 28 key industries. The number of industrial Internet identification analysis registrations has exceeded 8 billion.

   It can be seen at the exhibition site that progress has been made in the integration and application of "5G + Industrial Internet" with many industries. The three major telecom operators have built industrial Internet platforms and products, and promoted the integration of 5G with cloud, large, physical, intelligent, secure, chain and other digital economy infrastructure and new technologies, and the industrial ecology has been continuously improved.

Realize remote service through ^5G+AR ̄, quality control through 5G+ machine vision recognition, remote control of mining cards through 5G network, management and control of personnel, materials, and equipment through 5G network... There are many typical scenarios of ^5G+ Industrial Internet ̄. An industry makes data flow. Dongfeng Motor, Midea, Sany Heavy Industry, YOFC, Huawei, ZTE and other companies demonstrated or introduced 5G+ industrial Internet application scenarios.

   Dong Mingkai, deputy dean of the Sany Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, said in an interview that Sany began its digital transformation in 2018. At present, all production lines and equipment in all parks use industrial visual recognition to identify personnel, equipment, and materials.

   China Unicom assisted Shanghai Commercial Aircraft Corporation to build a 6I fully connected factory to realize the comprehensive collection and perception of products, equipment, tooling, materials, personnel, tools and measuring tools, and create nearly a hundred application scenarios where 5G and industrial Internet are integrated.

"5G+Industrial Internet" has achieved the first development in aviation, machinery, steel, mining, ports, energy, and other industries. Six categories have emerged, including data collection and perception, high-definition video, machine vision, precise remote control, on-site assistance, and digital twins. Typical application scenarios.

   Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that leading companies are continuously increasing their enthusiasm to promote the integration and innovation of 5G and industrial Internet, and the scope of application continues to extend to the core links of manufacturing, covering industries and fields that are becoming more extensive.

   empowers the smart upgrade of manufacturing

   Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of Dongfeng Motor Group, said that the automobile industry has a high degree of relevance and a long industrial chain. During the epidemic, when Dongfeng Motor restarted its industrial chain, it found that there were 1928 suppliers at the first level in Hubei Province, directly driving 220,000 people back to work. In such a large industrial chain, without the application of the "5G + Industrial Internet" technology system, it is difficult to make it run efficiently.

ZTE uses advanced technologies such as machine vision, 5G transmission, and cloud-based scheduling to collect, transmit and process data at the Binjiang Base. The Binjiang Base has realized real-time industrial control of the production links in the factory, and built unmanned, intelligent, and flexible Production line.

   ZTE Chairman Li Zixue introduced that after combining 5G and Industrial Internet, the production efficiency of Binjiang Base has been greatly improved. Among them, the missed inspection rate of assembly quality is reduced by 80%, the defect rate of key processes is reduced by 37%, the operator is reduced by 27%, and the turnover efficiency is increased by 20%.

   The 5G+IoT (Internet of Things) automated assembly benchmarking line of Lenovo's Wuhan Industrial Base was put into use in June this year, which can quickly adjust the process flow and parameters of the production line and realize the free switching between the production of different models. Through the introduction of the "quantum wire" project, the automation rate of the 3C equipment assembly line has been doubled. Compared with the traditional production line, the personnel has been reduced by 45%.

   Why can "5G + Industrial Internet" empower industrial manufacturing? Liang Baojun, deputy general manager of China Unicom, believes that "5G + Industrial Internet", this "+" reflects that 5G must be organically integrated with other cloud computing, data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, and all devices can be connected to the cloud. A ubiquitous connection is formed, and the device, the network, and the cloud are intelligently opened up, and valuable data is generated. The torrent of data will generate huge value in the industrial Internet.

   Xu Xiaolan, president of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, said in an interview that the Industrial Internet fully opens up all links and the overall chain through data streams, forming a full lifecycle connection from the demand side to the supply side. It promotes fundamental changes in industrial production methods and corporate organizational paradigms, and the production mode has changed from assembly lines to networked production methods.

   Zhou Ji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that the empowerment of "5G + Industrial Internet" for manufacturing, and the integration of digital, networked, intelligent technology and manufacturing technology will revolutionize equipment, production lines, workshops, and factories. However, what is currently being promoted is only the smart factory in the digital and networked stage, and the "5G + Industrial Internet" and the more advanced technology upgrade of the new generation of smart manufacturing are still to come.

Zhou Ji believes that China¨s manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented and severe challenges. China¨s modernization path is very different from that of Western developed countries. Western developed countries¨ manufacturing industry has undergone a tandem development process and has basically realized the third industrial revolution, which is beginning to Fast forward on the track of the fourth industrial revolution.

Zhou Ji said that China¨s manufacturing industry has unique development advantages. If it wants to catch up from behind, it must be a parallel development process. The second, third, and fourth industrial revolutions must be advanced simultaneously, integrated and developed, so that the process of building a manufacturing power will be greatly improved. accelerate. China and developed countries have equal opportunities to master the core technologies of the new round of industrial revolution. This provides the possibility for my country to take advantage of latecomers and achieve leapfrog development.

  Policy will boost the development of "5G + Industrial Internet"

   Li Zixue believes that the current 5G industrial applications are in the exploration and introduction period, and large-scale scenario pilots and value verification are carried out. The next three years will be the golden window period for the layout of 5G industrial applications. Under the vigorous promotion of domestic 5G "building to promote usage", 5G industrial applications will usher in a group of "early adopters" and then enter the explosive phase.

   At present, there are still some difficulties and pain points in the development of "5G + Industrial Internet". Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that it is necessary to strengthen policy guidance and improve policy pertinence. Formulate an action plan for the innovation and development of the industrial Internet, and clarify the key tasks and key projects in the new phase.

The "Industrial Internet Development Action Plan (2018-2020") is about to expire. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is preparing a new stage of industrial Internet innovation and development action plan, which will promote industrial enterprises to upgrade and transform industrial production networks using new technologies such as 5G, and support enterprises to build 5G full connectivity Factory, cultivate industry leaders, public service platforms, and solution providers.

   The development of 5G+ industrial Internet is supported by the construction of new infrastructure. Han Xia stated that it is necessary to promote the construction of new infrastructure of "5G+Industrial Internet", promote the wide deployment of new network technologies such as 5G and IPv6 in the enterprise intranet, and build a high-performance, high-reliability, high-flexibility, and high-security enterprise extranet. , To consolidate the foundation of "5G + Industrial Internet".

Wang Hongtian, CEO of Inspur Group, believes that "5G+Industrial Internet" is a new thing, and the current application scenarios are not clear enough. It is recommended that all localities and departments combine the characteristics of the regional economy to sort out the application scenarios of "5G+Industrial Internet" and promote the industrial Internet ecology for application scenarios. Practice and help enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, to go to the cloud platform through the construction of public service platforms.

   In an interview, Shi Wei, former director of the Industry Office of the Institute of Economic System and Management of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the important path of "5G + Industrial Internet" is to bridge the "data gap" between data systems. The focus is to prioritize the selection of smart mines, smart energy, smart transportation, smart steel, smart ports, smart healthcare, smart education, smart industrial parks, etc. as breakthroughs to create a large environment, a large foundation, a large ecology, and a large chain.

  Safety cannot be ignored either. 5G opens up the closed industrial Internet environment and brings greater threats. Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qi¨anxin Group, concluded that, first, the industrial control system has many vulnerabilities and large levels, which poses great risks; second, high data openness and high liquidity increase the risk of leakage; third, attacks on industrialization and diversification. The means are becoming more and more mature; fourthly, the inner ghosts emerge in endlessly, and the defense line is easy to penetrate from the inside.

Han Xia stated that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the "5G+Industrial Internet" security system, improve security technology capabilities, build a perception platform, cultivate the security service industry, continuously improve the "5G+Industrial Internet" guarantee system, mechanism, and means, and build a national and regional level , Enterprise-level protection system to improve the "5G + Industrial Internet" security assurance capabilities and service levels.