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Smart robot will become a family housekeeper "


Intelligence is playing an increasingly large role in people's life.. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart wearable devices and other intelligent devices are increasingly popular, smart home and smart home life has become increasingly close to people. Intelligent robots are quickly into the family.
With the development of image processing, voice processing, sensing, automatic control and computer processing, wireless communication, Internet and other technologies, robots have entered the era of intelligent robots. Intelligent robot in the traditional robot based on the further development and innovation, with independent movement, obstacle avoidance, face memory and recognition, motion detection, voice interaction, perception of skin, sound detection and location, network communication and so on, can be more perfect realization of human listening, speaking, reading, watching and walking function, but also can feel the exposure of human skin, sound source automatic positioning, through the Internet Forever online communication and multiple robots can work together. Intelligent robot and human interaction more smoothly, can provide more abundant service for people.
After the intelligent robot walks into the home, it can cooperate with the intelligent home center, and greatly improve the ability of the smart home system in the aspects of centralized control, interactive means, and interactive intelligence..
Intelligent robot can serve as the home of the little housekeeper standby. Through various voice commands, people can directly to the intelligent robot to give instructions, better to achieve home appliances, lighting, curtains, video and other control. Through some necessary settings, intelligent robot can also provide a weather, news, stock quotes, email, SMS, etc. of information at any time, even informed home water, electricity and gas usage.
Intelligent robots have a strong horizontal and vertical mobile capabilities, people can remotely control the smart robot in the home patrol, and through its depth camera to observe the whole situation in the home. The intelligent robot can play intelligent security, family doctor responsibility etc.. Intelligent robot can bring joy to the family, can also help clean, vacuum and other household chores, timely detection of theft and fire and alarm, provide security for the family. Intelligent robots can take care of the family, care for the elderly, children, and will be chat with, to meet their spiritual needs. The intelligent robot can not only all-weather monitoring the health of their families, and even help the dog.
Through a more humane design, intelligent robot "personification" expertise more prominent, like people like free to speak and understand simple sentences, through the "eyes" to identify the owner and the object, automatic bypass obstacle free walking, "hunger" will automatically return to charging. Even more interesting is that intelligent robot as well as a happy, angry, angry, etc. different emotional characteristics - Happy whistle for a walk, when angry a lot of instructions pretended to listen to not understand until you coax it happy didn't stop "capricious".
Intelligent robot will become an important member of the smart home, to bring major changes in family life.