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Smart Bracelet outside emerging medical wearable device outlook

[introduction] would you wear can record the number of steps and sleep habits of fitness trackers?? if these fitness trackers can integrate information related to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and effectively help improve health, would you more interested in? Although the wearable medical devices market.
Will you wear can record the number of steps and sleep habits of fitness trackers?? if these fitness trackers can integrate information related to chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, and effectively help improve health, would you more interested in?
Although the wearable medical devices market is still in the early stages, according to International Data Corp (IDC) prediction, global wearable devices market size will be from 2014 1920 million to grow to 2018 nearly 1.2 billion. Although the current market products have only a relatively basic function, but we believe that the future of these wearable devices will be connected to health care and consumer fitness. The most innovative companies have already begun to move, the consumer technology generated by the big data as a basis for the development of personalized health care services for prospective applications.
While still at the stage of development, investors have begun to focus on the area. 2013, the Vc firm to invest in the field of wearable devices $450000000, up 80% compared with 2012. Investment in the field is expected to continue to grow as a new generation of devices, such as blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring and other medical technology. The new feature is also expected to make wearable devices to get more consumer groups of concern, and may even be included in the medical insurance plan.
Above is a long-term vision. In the near term, the wearable device is only a novelty product, has not yet become a necessity, a series of factors to make its appeal is limited. On the one hand, the current can be the main function of the wearable devices, such as pedometer or calorie consumption calculator, has been integrated into the smart phones, so there is no need for additional equipment. On the other hand, although the current technology can record data, but it can not use these data to help users improve health management. As a result, the new user and most health and fitness apps (APP) in two weeks after stop using as, users of wearable devices may eventually put them on the shelf.
Want to get the attention of a wider range of customer groups, with the purchase, wearable devices need to better design and more powerful features. Ultimately, different customer groups will be based on their own needs and have different concerns. Some people may pay more attention to fitness, while some people want to lose weight, and some people may be concerned about their own blood cholesterol levels, pressure status or slow disease management improvements.
Smart Bracelet outside: emerging medical wearable device outlook
Rapidly changing market
Currently wearable device market is highly competitive, highly fragmented, and mainly for the mass consumer groups. The main products currently on the market is simple for the wristband, passivelymonitors basic user activity data. Products from Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike, Basis and other market leaders are able to calculate the calories consumed and monitor the quality of sleep.
However, as technology continues to progress, as well as wearable devices and smart phones increasingly blurred boundaries, the market is rapidly changing. With the influx of new businesses and the interests of consumers, the current market leader has the potential to be marginalized or even backward.
Including Samsung, LG, Garmin, giant, a large number of new entrants who have launched new motion tracker, including a series of unique features. For example: real-time view of the number of steps and calorie consumption led touch screen, and smartphone integration to receive phone calls and SMS tips, personal exercise goal setting and feedback.
Sony and Apple also joined the competition. Sony will be its SmartBand positioning as a generalized lifestyle equipment, the basic motion tracking function is integrated into a larger "life record" framework. Apple has officially launched the sale of smart watches in April 2015. Watch Apple is equipped with a heart rate sensor, and connected with the Healthkit. Healthkit is a historical health / fitness database for the user, including heart rate, hydration degree and blood pressure, etc..
Finally, it is worth mentioning is the Wello smart phone shell. Although exactly say it is not entirely a motion tracker, but can through the signs of implantable sensors for monitoring blood pressure and temperature data. Data acquisition process is very simple, just the user to put the finger on the sensor. At present, Wello is for the product to apply for FDA approval, will be listed as medical devices.
The next generation of wearable devices will be more advanced in many dimensions. With the user experience as the core of the device will have a stronger ability to monitor, such as automatic measurement of Kaluri intake or receive personalized exercise and dietary recommendations. For example, AIRO wristbands can automatically calculate the calories in the diet of users.
Medical science and technology market is also in the development of technology and application progress. Within the field of motion tracker will no longer only contribute to basic health management, but can according to user's personal status monitoring specific indicators to meet demand as hypertension, diabetes, and such chronic diseases patients. Consumer health management equipment and emerging from the integration of specific disease management equipment is creating an important growth opportunity. For example, Google is developing a contact lens that can monitor and automatically record the patient's blood glucose data and let the patient and the doctor know the data at any time.