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In the future, the large-scale gear processing industry will become the key to the development of our country




  In recent years, due to the nuclear power industry drive, wind power, machine auto gear processing machine, large size gear demand growth is very bright. It is understood, gear processing machine tool with increased demand, in recent years to gear processing machine tool manufacturing enterprises are increasing.

  As everyone knows, the gear is the most basic mechanical components, large volume. While the gear machine is a machine tool industry recognized technical content of the highest, most parts, the most complex structure products. But once our gear machine tool industry in a very awkward position. In the past China machine tool production enterprises in a relatively backward technology, lack of technology support capability of independent innovation and the key, core, and its products mainly to the production of low-end products, lack of competitiveness, in numerical control machine tool quality stability, reliability, durability with foreign advanced products, there is an obvious gap. But China's machine tool industry did not stop, always in the effort, although the gap but the market demand is to be a trend which cannot be halted.

  Whether the traditional automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, military and other industries, is emerging in recent years, High-speed Rail, rail, electronics and other industries, is the rapid development of machine tool industry put forward urgent demand, put forward the new request to the gear processing machine tool manufacturers. Concerned expert expresses, some enterprises have sometimes move, actively adjust the industrial structure, expand product application areas, to provide high-speed, high stability, high precision machine tool products to the popular industry, to meet the needs of industry. The industry for gear processing machine demand is very big, only enterprises seize the opportunity to strive for further improvement.


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