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In the current competitive and uncertain environment, Shenzhen Yujiaxin Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to introduce new technologies, methods, and concepts to enhance our products and meet the needs of all sectors. And we will further implement the concept of quality and service, pursue a more perfect realm to promote internationalization and give back to the general public.
Seeking technology through talent, seeking eternity through unity, seeking quality through technology, and seeking survival through quality; To seek development through innovation, to increase value through conservation, to seek efficiency through management, and to seek talent through sincerity.
Interview requirements and procedures:
1. Confirm the interview time and make good work arrangements for the day of the interview. Understand the basic information of the interviewee based on their resume.
2. The receptionist contacts the interview supervisor to indicate that the interviewer has arrived and is ready for the interview.
3. Interview completed, waiting for the interview results.
4. If passing the interview, the human resources department can directly notify them of their expected check-in; If not approved, politely refuse.
Registration procedure:
1. If they pass the interview, the company will notify them of their formal employment information and handle training, registration, accommodation procedures, and other matters;
2. Please prepare the original educational certificate, ID card, photo, etc. when checking in.
3. The person reporting must report on the date required by the company; If there are special circumstances that delay, it should be explained to the company supervisor.
4. The check-in person shall fill out the onboarding registration form as required, and apply for employee cards and accommodation according to the staff's instructions.
After completing the procedures, one can officially report to the employing department and start work.