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MIM processing market analysis



At present, the markets I understand are as follows:
1. High density tungsten alloy fish pendant
In the past, metal lead was used to make pendants for fishing nets and other fishing tools. As lead is a harmful substance to humans and its widespread use can cause environmental pollution, relevant international organizations have banned the use of lead metal in fishing tools. Nowadays, both Japan and South Korea use MIM technology to manufacture high density tungsten alloy fish pendants, with an annual demand of hundreds of tons and an output value of tens of millions of yuan. However, due to the lack of tungsten resources in Japan and South Korea, the manufacturing cost in their own country is too high, and they have gradually purchased from China. This market will become a major long-term market for MIM projects.
2. Lock parts
These types of parts include lock parts for automobiles, anti-theft door locks, window lock parts, and so on. This type of part is mainly made of stainless steel 316L and stainless steel 420 materials. Taking a stainless steel 420 material component currently being developed in Japan for use in vending machine anti-theft locks as an example, the annual demand for the product is 5 million units, with a purchase price of RMB 10 per piece, which can reach a sales revenue of 50 million yuan.
3. Appearance parts of the watch industry
A. Tungsten steel
This type of component has emerged with the rise of domestic tungsten steel watches. The demand in China has been above 100 tons in the past year, with an average of 290 yuan/kg, and the market can reach 29 million yuan/year. With the popularization of tungsten steel watches, the market can reach over 50 million yuan/year.
B. ZrO2 ceramics and stainless steel
Stainless steel watches are the mainstream material in the watch industry both domestically and internationally, and ZrO2 ceramic watches, like tungsten steel watches, have excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which are increasingly favored by more and more people.
4. Medical device parts
This type of component involves a wide range, including gastroscopy sampling forceps, dental braces, surgical forceps, surgical knives, and other parts, mainly made of stainless steel 316L and stainless steel 17-4PH materials.
5. High speed water jet nozzle
This part is a key component of the water jet cutting machine (referred to as the water jet cutter), which can only be produced using MIM technology. There are about 30 units of this machine in China, and about 3000 nozzles are needed each year. The import price is $180 per nozzle, and the current production value can reach about 2 million yuan.
6. Various small parts on electric tools
The claw on a hand drill requires 1.5 million sets annually, with each set costing 13.5 yuan, and the output value can reach over 20 million yuan.
7. Hard alloy nozzles for petroleum drilling
It is expected to require 50000 pieces per year, calculated at 300 yuan per piece, with a production value of up to 15 million yuan.
8. The blade of the paper cutter
The paper cutting blade used for advertising decoration is currently domestically produced with a raw material cost of 0.8 yuan per piece, and the product cost 10 yuan per piece. The estimated market demand is also tens of millions.
9. Stainless steel nose hair machine rotary blade
10. High density tungsten alloy oscillator
11. Planetary gears and sprockets for motorcycles
12. Automotive airbag striker
Application areas of MIM technology:
1. Computers and auxiliary facilities: such as printer parts, magnetic cores, striker pins, and drive parts;
2. Tools: such as drill bits, cutting heads, nozzles, gun drills, spiral milling cutters, punches, sockets, wrenches, electrical tools, hand tools, etc;
3. Household appliances: such as watch cases, watch chains, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf ball heads, jewelry chains, ballpoint pen clamps, cutting tool heads, and other components
4. Medical machinery parts: such as dental braces, scissors, tweezers;
5. Military parts: missile tail, gun parts, warheads, propellant covers, and fuse parts;
6. Electrical components: electronic packaging, micro motors, electronic components, sensor components;
7. Mechanical parts: such as cotton loosening machines, textile machines, edge rolling machines, office machinery, etc;
8. Automotive and marine parts: such as clutch inner ring, fork sleeve, distributor sleeve, valve guide, synchronous hub, safety airbag parts, etc

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