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Intelligent manufacturing leads the industry to improve quality and upgrade


With the deepening development of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, intelligent manufacturing is leading the direction of global manufacturing development and transformation, becoming the pinnacle of global manufacturing technology innovation and a new engine of global economic development. The 14th Five Year Plan and the 2035 long-term goal outline propose to "accelerate the construction of a strong manufacturing and quality country, and promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries". As the main direction of building a strong manufacturing country, intelligent manufacturing is an effective way for the manufacturing industry to achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity. It is of great significance for accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system and consolidating and strengthening the real economy.
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the scale and development level of intelligent manufacturing applications in China have significantly increased, new forms and models of intelligent manufacturing have constantly emerged, and the pace of digital, networked, and intelligent upgrading and transformation in the manufacturing industry has significantly accelerated. At present, the world is entering a period of economic development led by the information industry. We need to seize the opportunity of integrated development of digitization, networking, and intelligence, use informatization and intelligence as leverage to cultivate new driving forces, fully leverage the leading role of intelligent manufacturing in industrial transformation, comprehensively promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and provide a solid material and technological foundation for China's modernization construction.
Empowering the manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing to improve quality and upgrade. Intelligent manufacturing not only effectively drives the development of industries such as industrial robots and industrial software, but also helps to restructure various aspects of manufacturing research and development, production, management, and service, thereby improving the overall efficiency of production and manufacturing, and enhancing the adaptability of the supply system. Empowering the manufacturing industry with intelligent manufacturing to improve and upgrade its quality, we need to focus on improving the development quality of intelligent manufacturing. On the one hand, we need to expand the incremental scale of intelligent manufacturing. Accelerate breakthroughs in fields such as industrial robots, industrial internet, and artificial intelligence, and promote deep integration of key areas of intelligent manufacturing with strategic emerging industries such as next-generation information technology, biotechnology, new energy, and new materials. On the other hand, we need to improve the level of innovation and development in stock. Enhance the technological supply capacity and basic support capacity of intelligent manufacturing for the optimization and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry models and organizational models through the construction of digital workshops, intelligent factories, etc.
Promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries through intelligent manufacturing. Currently, emerging technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, 5G, and artificial intelligence have penetrated and integrated into various fields and links of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. Through intelligent manufacturing, inter industry business correlation, chain extension, technology penetration, and factor integration can be systematically achieved. Relying on intelligent manufacturing, the entire industrial chain of research and development design, production manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales service can be effectively connected, promoting the deep integration of high-end productive service industries such as technology research and development, industrial design, industrial software, logistics services, and financial services with advanced manufacturing, and cultivating new models and formats of service-oriented manufacturing and manufacturing service industries.
Promote new industrialization through intelligent manufacturing. The deep integration of informatization and industrialization is an important manifestation of promoting new industrialization. As a product of the deep integration of new generation information technology and manufacturing industry, intelligent manufacturing can provide important support for promoting new industrialization. Relying on intelligent manufacturing to promote new industrialization, firstly, we need to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure in areas such as industrial Internet, Internet of Things, 5G, big data, and cloud computing, and establish a solid foundation for integrated development; Secondly, we need to accelerate the pace of digital and intelligent transformation in key areas such as raw materials, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, and green manufacturing; The third is to promote the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain supply chain, cultivate new cross-border integration formats, and accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system driven by data, software definition, platform support, service value-added, and intelligence.
Promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy through intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing can achieve deep interconnection among people, machines, and things through cross-border integration of data resources, promoting deep integration of innovation, industry, capital, and talent chains. It is a bridge for the deep integration and development of the digital economy and the real economy. In recent years, digital technology has rapidly integrated into various aspects of the manufacturing industry, providing basic technological support for the manufacturing industry while driving innovation, upgrading, and transformation, becoming an important engine for promoting economic growth. In the future, we need to further enhance the development level of intelligent manufacturing, expand the application scenarios of intelligent manufacturing, accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, focus on enhancing the depth and breadth of the integration of the digital economy and the real economy, cultivate new models and formats of digital and real integration, continuously consolidate the foundation of the real economy, and provide stronger support for promoting high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and building new international competitive advantages.