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Analysis of the development of hardware gear cutting tool technology



Noted, hardware tools, a classification of daily hardware, small but widely used. Pay attention to the tool technology development will be faced with an interesting phenomenon, namely tool technology development has obviously no longer limited performance to improve economy and the efficiency of cutting tool application and to improve the products for the purpose of. People get another impression: tool as a process, emerged gradually from only a kind of tool's role in.
For a long time, people put the tool as a component of a machine tool used for machining process, the tool potential usually because of machine capacity limit. In contrast, today's view is: according to the nature of the tool, can extend the function of machine tool.
The reasons for such a change is change, tool manufacturing role now, cutting tool manufacturers have a creative sense of self, that is no longer just supply the required tool, but the available solutions to problems are complex processing. Therefore, for the LMT group tool expert Fette company, they want to use the tool concept innovation to satisfy the user in the improvement of quality, improve efficiency, reduce the cost of demand on cutting tool.
Close cooperation with manufacturers and users
Innovation and development is the premise of tool cutting tool manufacturers, machine tool manufacturer and user cooperation, no such cooperation, the development of manufacturing technology and materials developed in the field of hard work.
The other two items of new technology developed by Fette company shows that cooperation in solving complex processing problem when the value of. One is the overall carbide hob with diamond coating for aluminum alloy components, making the Airbus380 on silicon content of 25%; another example is the Fette company can now provide vehicle milling machining center shank hob, the hob can be hot charging chuck clamping, the use of reliable.
In the gear processing, a tool developed by the Fette company can shorten the processing chain. Indexable hard alloy cutter rack processing group, can be used for coarse grinding, finishing, can save on the quenching hardened strip, therefore can save one machine.
The benefits of new tools for machine tools
Through the development of gear cutter new, not only can reduce the processing chain in the machine, and the design of machine tool also brings new requirements.
Fette company in the new work, it also includes the application of internal cooling cutting benefits. The hob of internal cooling and forming milling cutter in machining gears, the cooling medium (emulsion, oil or air) through the coolant channel inside the tool to the cutting area, produce the best cooling effect on the cutting tool and the workpiece, but also can significantly reduce the transmission system of a lathe bearing temperature rise.
In addition, such as research work has pointed out, in dry cutting, cooling airflow can reduce chip chaos and avoid chip to be cut, order processing and factors so that the tool wear is reduced to remove unfavorable, reduce the chip in the flank of the scratch, ensure the surface quality of gear.
The three step to a milling process
The new self positioning, in the development of this field tools will affect the process of change. For example, the new tool system "manufacturing technical staff developed by the Fette company and Liebherr company's Twist-Free-Hob gear" change gears, its rationality is that so far has been the three separate procedures to complete the integrated into a process, gear processing is no longer as it is needed in the three machine were completed roll tooth, chamfering and shaving, but the crude hob, chamfering cutter (Chamfer-Cut-System) and refined hob (Twist-Free-Hob) are clamped on a mandrel, the rough rolling, both ends of the surface deburring and chamfering, roll finishing can be done on the same machine, saves the gear machining time and cost can be saved, for deburring and shaving machine, thus eliminating the need for the corresponding cost of tools and machine maintenance cost.
The method can obtain better processing quality, as in this machine, hobbing machine can realize axial diagonal direction feed and the application of "Twist-Free-Hob" technology, so that the workpiece profile appeared hobbing of deformation can be compensated, in work hardened, no longer for gear machining process. Enter the assembly. Thus the processed gear in operation when the noise is small and have no power loss.

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