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Manufacturing of Sewing Machine Parts---Metal Injection Molding



Metal injection molding is known as "parts forming technology" one of the most popular, it is a new type of powder metallurgy extending from the plastic injection molding industry of near net shape technology (near net shape technology refers to the molding parts, only a small amount of processing or no longer processing, can be used as molding technology of mechanical components. This technology has been popularized in China, has been widely used in the industrial production, the field of science and technology). Metal injection molding technology was first introduced by the National 863 program, structural parts can produce high density, high precision, highintensity, 3D complex shape, has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, good consistency, good wear resistance, high temperature and strong, and easy mass production. It is reported, at present this technology haswidely applied to sewing machine parts and components production, and the industry a high degree of recognition and praise.

In the sewing machine rotating shuttle production as an example, the traditional production methods generally cold extrusion blank blank, although the cost is low, but requires more than 200 processing, artificial cost is high,efficiency is low. The rotating shuttle blank production metal injection molding technology, processing only the two sides of the car with a knife, only a maximum of 10 processes can be finished product production, saving 100compared with traditional processing procedures, greatly shortening the production cycle and saves a lot of labor.The production of metal injection molding products, because it is a molding, cutting material rarely, lower rejection rate, utilities and the depreciation of machinery, energy consumption, management fees are reduced, whichsaves the cost of production. For example, using metal injection molding technology, 20 workers a month can produce about 300000 shuttle blank, and the use of the traditional process, the production of 300000 rotating shuttle blank a month need cooperation of thousands of workers cooperative. In short, the new technology ofmetal injection molding can make artificial cost is reduced by 80%, at least 20% to reduce the overall cost, andgreatly enhance the efficiency of production.

It is understood, Shenzhen Yu Jia Xin Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in scientific researchand production of powder metallurgy production of private enterprises, the sound of metal injection molding technology, can shuttle and sewing machinery equipment for mass production of sewing machine rotating shuttleand machine parts. Metal injection molding technology was first used in the automotive industry, Americanaverage car has more than 20 kilograms of parts by metal injection moulding technology generation, and Chineseeach car using this technology to produce parts of less than 1 kg, the market has great potential for development.Metal injection molding technology is a new technology and new material, be worthy of the name, a broad space for development, applied to the sewing machine industry, will bring a technological revolution to the sewing machine parts and components production, bring the beat all economic benefits to enterprises.