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The metallization design of the appearance parts of electronic products promotes the promotion of MIM technology and the growth of demand for metal powder



Core tip: apple, always leading the trend of manufacturing technology. IPhone series mobile phone listed andcontinue to create a digital electronics field sales miracle, design due to its mobile phone appearancemetallization.

Apple, always leading the trend of manufacturing technology. IPhone series mobile phone listed and continue to create a digital electronics field sales miracle, design due to its mobile phone appearance metallization. Two or three years ago, apple metal shell mobile phone just listed, the market on the metal shell of the mobile phone alsodoes not see more, can be said that Apple has led the trend of mobile phone products, metal.

See Apple's success, many domestic mobile phone brands are following suit, millet, ZTE, oppo, Hisense have alsoadded to the mobile phone appearance design team to metal, metal material of the material can be used widely,than the traditional solid plastic casing, wear resistance, resistance to fall. And the mechanical properties of metallic materials than traditional plastic material must be good, can be processed appearance style is more also,through the body shell polishing, drawing and other surface treatment than single plastic material more high-endatmosphere.

This is also the metal fuselage mobile phone favored by consumers and many domestic digital electronics brandactively adopt reason design the appearance of metal products, with a tablet computer, notebook computer,wearable device products tend to metal design in the design, the metal outer view is no longer the exclusive rightsof intelligent mobile phone.

It is understood, making a metallic appearance of the general use of metal forging, injection molding, metalforming process. It also makes electronic products supporting shell and other accessories suppliers had to adjust product structure and production line, the procurement of metal powder or metal material feeding and forming equipment and dedicated mold design.

The change of market demand not only brings a substantial increase in metal powder raw material needs, also to promote the traditional electronic products matching accessories suppliers to accelerate the strategic transformation, to Jin Sheng shares on behalf of the traditional accessories suppliers from plastic chassismanufacturers become with the box, CNC metal shell, powder metallurgy, metal components, LDS antenna, and strengthen the optical glass new materials, new technology in manufacturing capacity of magnesium alloy die-casting. Strategic transformation to become a one-stop design, mobile phone structure parts manufacturing,service providers, industry chain extends substantially, the efficiency of design, manufacturing cost is expected tobe optimized, and steadily improve the profitability of the company.

The new design trend of electronic product shell metal is bound to bring metal appearance, for metal injection molding shell products have a vast market space, can seize the outbreak of this metal demand period is crucial for electronic products matching accessories manufacturers. As the Jin Sheng that successful companies more and more strategic transformation, metal powder is the most basic production of raw materials will also continuedexplosive growth.

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