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Xiamens manufacturing industry has entered the era of


Recently, the "robot and NC technology application development platform" at the opening ceremony in Jimei District of Xiamen city. The platform is jointly developed by the robot industry leader, the application industry leader, and automation integrator three. It aims to promote the application of the robot through the three party cooperation.
With the "Chinese manufacturing" gradually turned to "China's intellectual creation", an industry driven by the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry is quietly advancing. In the traditional industry transformation and breakthrough, industrial robots and other industries to promote industrial automation, intelligent industry has been rapid development. Data show that in 2014 the Chinese market for industrial robot sales of about 57000 units, accounting for about of global sales, for two consecutive years to become the world's largest robot market.
How to seize the development opportunity of China's intellectual development? Xiamen is also turning their brains. At the end of the ten Xiamen Municipal Committee of the eleven plenary meeting, the Provincial Standing Committee, Xiamen municipal Party committee secretary Wang Menghui pointed out that the plenary session of the Xiamen municipal implementation of the "China manufacturing 2025 action plan" to the state's latest industry development strategy as a guide to further clarify the ideas, goals and 10 key tasks of promoting the manufacturing industry in Xiamen city. Xiamen wisdom made, is becoming a key factor in the process of urban development, promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
Hand robot"
Xiamen manufacturing to Xiamen"
"Participation in the establishment of the" robot and numerical control technology application research and development platform ", is a combination of the times and the development of the company to make a major strategic initiatives." Lu Da (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Chuan Kai said, as Asia's largest bathroom accessories professional manufacturer, the road of in the application of the robot and the main process such as grinding, die casting, investment of human more than 3000 people, recruitment is not easy and the cost is high, facing the global market of fierce competition, enterprises need to promote the automation to replace artificial, precise control of logistics, improve the per capita output and product quality.
The application platform of robot and numerical control technology is the platform, which is provided by the Shanghai ABB Engineering Co., Ltd, and the core software support. The three party cooperation, complementary advantages, combined research and development of the four major factors, which are the product, process, equipment, programming of the hardware industry.
"We are an open platform, research and development results will help China's hardware industry common progress through the market approach." Xu Chuankai said that the project will eventually be transformed into the project, the formation of industrialization, for the hardware industry to provide integrated equipment and technical services to provide the corresponding technical services.
Cut from the industry, the manufacturing industry in Xiamen is in a wave of automation, intelligent. Today, flat panel display, computer and communications equipment, transmission and distribution and control equipment, LED lighting, automotive engineering, mechanical, plumbing and kitchen and other industries have been to Xiamen accumulated including Tianma microelectronics, Dell, Lenovo, TPK, abb, Jinlong, Lu Da a large number of advanced manufacturing enterprises. Xiamen has opened a new round of technological innovation, with the market demand of advanced manufacturing as the largest catalyst.
"After the introduction of automated production equipment, our production process aging from the original 76 hours to 48 hours, capacity from the original 60000 square meters / month to 100000 square meters / month." Xiamen strong giant color Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. technical director Zhang Yutao said that since the introduction of automated equipment in 2009, strong color has been built into the automatic production line 81, the total investment of over 300000000 yuan.
Enhance competitiveness
Xiamen wisdom made to lead the industry transformation and upgrading
Will be a good injection molding PMI pen on the machine platform, a loop line down, the product has been polished. In the production line of the Xiamen profit Polytron Technologies Inc, the reporter saw, two workers are on the polished products to do the final inspection. Zhang Ji, director of enterprise testing robot division, told reporters that the profit interest through independent research and development of automatic shell polishing platform to solve the problem of PMI pen and mold polishing, a robot work is equal to seventy or eighty labor, and the product yield is more than 99%, dust can be processed in a confined space, to achieve efficient, environmentally friendly".
As a professional engaged in the civilian Internet and industrial Internet products, services, high-tech enterprises, Xiamen profit interest Polytron Technologies Inc experience is the industrial automation brought about by the competitiveness. "Machine substitution for nearly three years in the enterprise stride forward, automation not only saves manpower, but also improve the efficiency of enterprises." Xiamen profit Technology Vice President Yang Ming said, compared to last year, this year's business is expected to double, however, the process of the number of front-line workers in the process has remained unchanged last year.