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The Consumer Electronics Industry Rises Up in the 5G Era



With the arrival of the 5G era, the demand for smartphone replacement is gradually increasing. The emergence of new consumer electronics products such as smartphones and wearable devices is continuously driving the rapid growth of the consumer electronics industry, thereby bringing more development space to the MIM (Metal Injection Molding) market.
It is understood that MIM is known as one of the most popular metal component forming technologies in the world. Its process has been widely applied in many fields such as automobiles, electronic products, medical devices, consumer goods, etc. It has become a rapidly developing and most promising new near net forming technology in the international powder metallurgy field.
At present, MIM products in Asia are mainly used in the field of consumer electronics. In 2019, new design concepts such as lifting, multi camera, and folding emerged for smartphones.
With the arrival of the 5G era and the trend of lightweight and high power consumption of smartphones, the demand for smartphone cooling continues to increase, and cooling has become an important factor restricting the performance improvement of smartphones.
According to data from market research firm IDC, the global shipment of 5G smartphones in 2019 was approximately 6.7 million units, and it is expected to exceed 400 million units by 2023. This will lead to a significant increase in demand for related cooling and other industrial products, with huge market potential. In addition, driven by the Internet era, with the continuous development of emerging technologies such as 5G and AI, the market has also provided more space and opportunities for the development of precision transmission.
In the past two years, with the rise of the concept of up and down cameras, foldable screens, and TWS casings for rotating shafts in smartphones, relevant MIMI manufacturers have also been continuously researching and developing to meet new market demands.
Shenzhen Yujiaxin Tech Co., Ltd. will continue to expand its market, explore and research new products, technologies, materials, and processes, and improve its product and service competitiveness.