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Metal body not enough? Huawei says its working on a ceramic phone


Tencent digital dispatch (compilation: Mangofish) with the popularity of smart mobile phone, consumers are becoming more sophisticated, so that ordinary plastic material has become almost synonymous with low-end equipment (Samsung except). As the saying goes, the Buddha by gold, clothes make the man, a smart mobile phone to win must first start from the appearance design and materials, natural materials is a very important part of. Recently, Huawei terminal CMO Shaoyang said in an interview, Huawei and multiple suppliers, hope to have innovation in intelligent mobile phone body material.
It is reported, innovation of Shaoyang refers to not only refers to the metal material. In order to meet the needs of individual users, Huawei even was working on a ceramic body manufacturing intelligent mobile phone, this may mean that the domestic mobile phone giant will gradually abandon the common plastic slightly cheap, then turned to the metal, glass and ceramics and other advanced materials. But as ordinary plastic product upgrades, polycarbonate in the guarantee of the strength and durability of the handle and cost, so it is suitable for large-scale production of intelligent mobile phone. In contrast, toughened glass and ceramic although increased equipment sense of art, but it cost will be higher.
Perhaps taking into account the cost and technology problems in the short term the large-scale use of ceramics is not realistic, Huawei said the current focus is on the metal and glass materials. In addition, Huawei also introduced some test the nature of the product to test consumer feedback to above these different body material how to. It is worth mentioning that, now most of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in order to control costs, the majority of products is still the main material of plastic, if Huawei can make a breakthrough in the body material, perhaps can take advantage in the fierce competition in the domestic mobile phone field.