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American Kinetics Climax Company Appeared at AMTS2013 Shanghai International Automobile Equipment Exhibition



AMTS2013 Shanghai International Automotive Manufacturing Technology and Equipment and Materials Exhibition is the world's only grand event in the fields of automotive materials and design, process and equipment, quality and assembly, engineering and service technology. The exhibition will be grandly held from August 20 to 22, 2013 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is the world's only innovative exhibition in the field of automotive manufacturing technology and the only international professional exhibition in Asia, The Shanghai International Exhibition of Automotive Manufacturing Technology, Equipment and Materials has been held for 8 years since 2004. The exhibition area of AMTS2013 has reached 35000 square meters, and the highlights of the exhibits have continued to expand. The theme exhibition area has also increased year by year, and the number of professional visitors has doubled, greatly promoting the upgrading and transformation of new technologies, new equipment applications, and automation technology industries in the automotive manufacturing industry


Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
Metal injection molding or MIM (also known as powder injection molding or PIM) is a net forming process for manufacturing solid metal components, which combines the design flexibility of injection molding with material properties similar to forged metal MIM can manufacture products of any shape using various alloys. For complex small metal components in medium to large quantities, MIM is the most cost-effective process
Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology can significantly save costs compared to machining and other metal processing techniques when producing small, high-precision and complex metal components. MIM can also eliminate the inherent design limitations of other metal processing technologies and provide a wider range of high-performance alloys. MIM is a good choice for components such as turbochargers, fuel injection systems, and fuel rails, as most powertrain applications involve small and complex components. The unique performance of MIM technology lies in its ability to overcome the design and economic limitations of traditional metal processing techniques (such as machining and casting). Therefore, the demand for Kinetics Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is gradually becoming globalized. Compared to other processing methods, MIM can reduce costs and improve quality MIM can provide benefits in the following product application areas in the automotive industry. Including: EGR, fuel injectors, ignition system, sensors (brake and clutch system), transmission, turbocharger, and many other potential variable valve transmission components between applications.
Metal injection molding process
Composite raw materials with fine metal powder (usually less than 25 microns in diameter) are combined with polymer adhesive systems to form raw materials suitable for injection molding. Kinetics raw materials are compounded with special adhesives and metal powder formulas to control the consistency, high quality, and dimensional repeatability of the manufactured parts.
Injection molding
Although standard injection molding machines and molds can be used to manufacture MIM parts, due to the presence of polymer adhesives in MIM raw materials, the mold cavity is designed to be approximately 20% larger than the final part. Similar to plastic molds, MIM molds can have multiple cavities, inserts, sliders, rotating cores, and hot runner systems. Kinetics can help you identify the most cost-effective mold manufacturing methods for your application in prototype and production parts.
After degreasing and sintering, the billet must be degreased and sintered at a maximum temperature of 2600 ° F (1426.7 ℃). During the degreasing process, the polymer adhesive decomposes and evaporates, while the metal particles form forming characteristics. During the sintering process, metal particles fuse together, causing the parts to shrink by approximately 20%, forming solid metal parts.
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