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UK manufacturing output, industrial output jump in February, economic recovery continues


Huitong network April 8th news: National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) Tuesday (April 8th) released data show that in February, the UK manufacturing growth performance is more robust than the market expected, once again shows that the country's economy at a robust pace in 2014.
Data shows, the UK manufacturing output in February month rate increased by 1%, the biggest rise since 2013 September record, is expected to rise 0.3%, the former value revised increase of 0.3%, the initial value is increased by 0.4%; rose at an annual rate of 3.8%, is expected to rise 3.1%, anterior correction for increased 3.2%, the initial value is increased by 3.3%.
In February, including power, British Beihai crude oil production and manufacturing industrial production overall rate increased by 0.9%, the largest increase since June 2013, is expected to rise 0.3%, the former value correction for flat, the initial value is increased by 0.1%. Industrial output in January from the weakness of the recovery, when bad weather inhibition of Beihai crude oil and natural gas production.
In February industrial output rose at an annual rate of 2.7%, is expected to rise 2.2%, before the value a revised increase of 2.8%, the initial value is increased by 2.9%.
The Statistics Bureau said, manufacturing output in February rose by drugs affecting production once recovery month tired of, so is the transportation equipment, food, beverages and tobacco production.
The British Chancellor of the exchequer Osborn announced last month to help manufacturers initiatives, these initiatives are part of a long-term plan to the government, the British economy less dependent on the consumption demand.
Bureau of statistics data and display, in the three months to February, manufacturing output and industrial output growth of 0.8%, and both the biggest rise since August 2013.