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High-speed EMU gearbox realizes


Date:[2024/1/23] Nanjing 20 March Xinhua recently, high-speed EMU gearbox developed by CSR Qishuyan passedChina Railway Corporation technical scheme and product trial review, high-speed EMU gear box to be "made inChangzhou".

Gear box is one of the group of 10 supporting technology of high speed train, gear box input into a coupling is connected with a motor shaft through the output end, mounted on the axle interference by a big gear, at the same time input C type bracket and the bogie (similar to a car chassis frame connection). It can be accurate motor drive power according to a certain proportion of the transfer to the EMU wheelset, is one of the most importanttransmission link of EMU in transmission system. Not only design and manufacture difficulty, there are strict accessreview system.

Discussion question,, the experts agreed that the CSR Qishuyan autonomous development of high-speed EMUgear box complete technical information, product performance to meet the technical specifications of EMUmanufacturing enterprise's request, has complete interchangeability and prototype of imported products, agreed to by the technical scheme and product trial review. At the same time, recommend loading test.

Evaluation group expert thinks, high-speed EMU gearbox developed by Nanche Qishuyan has reached theinternational level of similar products, have the ability to replace the equipment of high speed EMU imported gear box product, breaking the international monopoly. Not only promoted the high-speed EMU gear box product localization, but also can effectively reduce the EMU production enterprises accessories procurement cost andcustomer service maintenance cost.