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MIM encounters bottleneck, Apple Qualcomm wearable device yield is less than 50%



On January 3rd, according to upstream supply chain information, wearable devices such as Apple's iWatch and Qualcomm's Toq have a yield of less than 50% due to difficulties in surface treatment of their metal injection molding (MIM) bases.
MIM process is a forming method that injects a plasticized mixture of metal powder and its binder into a model, often used for mass production of complex industrial design high-precision products, as this process allows components to have special shapes while still maintaining rigidity.
The components manufactured by MIM are commonly used inside the product, but as some components gradually become part of the external design, their surface treatment has become an important process for the appearance of the product.
Due to the high demand for quality from customers and the need for large-scale supply, it is difficult for most component manufacturers to meet both requirements simultaneously.
In addition to Apple and Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung Electronics, Pebble, Casio, Nike, Adidas, Epson, and LG are all preparing to launch wearable devices in 2014. (Translated by Guo Luping from Component Trading Network)
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